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Mighty Kids Miami​


North Miami Beach, FL

Out-of-towners welcome!


  • 5 hours of camp everyday (4 day program)

  • 1-3 hour "fade in" session(s) before camp 

  • 2-4 hours parent training

  • Individualized follow up report after camp


Fade-ins before camp: August 11 or 13

Camp Dates: August 14,15,16, 17 

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm 


Your investment comes to less than half price per hour during the camp as compared to regular therapy sessions.  Intensive therapy can also be more effective than individual therapy sessions that are spread out over time. Therapy "camp" helps children with SM to springboard their progress in getting comfortable speaking in a variety of settings with a variety of new people, in a positive and fun environment! Parent training and coaching is a crucial component, to enable you to assist your child with exposure practice and continued growth after camp ends. In addition to parent training before camp, each parent will be invited to join the group for two hours of camp one day, to practice coaching their child through exposures.


Some limited sliding scale discounts available. 

You can call your insurance to ask what potential out of network reimbursement may be, using these codes:

NPI provider ID:


Diagnosis code

F94.0 (selective mutism)

Service codes:

90837 (60 min psychotherapy) plus 90785 (complexity add-on code) *There may be a limit of one per day.

90846 (parent session without child present- for trainings ) plus 90785 (complexity add-on code)

90847 (session with parent + child -for day you join camp)  plus 90785 (complexity add-on code)

Please contact us for more information.


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  • Where is camp located?
    We are located in North Miami Beach, Florida. More information on our exact camp location will be given upon sign up. Skills Focused Therapy's office location for individual sessions is at: 1380 NE Miami Gardens Dr. Suite 242, NMB FL 33179. Some of the fade in sessions will be held there.
  • What type of activities do you do in camp?
    We structure camp like a typical school or camp day to help the children practice skills such as speaking at circle time, practice asking for things as needed, interacting within a group, etc. Our counselors are playful, warm and fun. We use exciting activities throughout the day such as projects, games, arts and trips. Every activity will have a speaking component and each counselor will assist their camper in speaking on their level throughout the day. Each child’s goals are individualized according to what they are ready for.
  • What age range is the camp for?
    Ages 4-7. (We may add a group for older children as well if there is enough interest, so if your child is above age 7 feel free to reach out!)
  • What if I’m not sure my child will speak?
    We recommend you come in for a fade-in therapy session early in the summer so we can assess where your child is holding before you sign up. We will only accept campers who were successful speaking to a counselor before camp. Once in camp, we will have counselors on a 1-1 or 1-2 ratio, so if a child is struggling in the group at first, the counselor can work with your child 1-1 to help them slowly warm up at the pace that they need. This approach is all about baby steps of bravery at the pace each child needs.
  • What is your experience and training?
    I was trained and coached by incredible staff members at the FIU Brave Bunch / Mint Program in S. Florida, in using Dr. Steve Kurtz's PCIT-SM evidenced based treatment protocol of SM. I am constantly learning more both through private consultations and regular peer supervision via the Selective Mutism Association. My SM camp experience includes assisting both at Brave Bunch FIU Camp and at Confident Kids Camp, Rockville Therapy Center. I have seen tremendous progress in so many children both through camps and individual therapy, and I am so excited to bring the benefits of a camp program to more children! Schools I have coached for students with SM include: The Innovative School of Temple Beth Shalom Norman S. Edelcup /Sunny Isles Beach Elementary School Bottega Child Development Center YTCTE Yeshiva Elementary School (Boys' division) Scheck Hillel Community School Torah Academy of Boca Raton & More! Let me know if you would like to connect with some of our many satisfied clients to hear about their experience firsthand. You can also read some of their feedback in the testimonials below. For more information on our treatment protocol, I recommend you listen to a podcast interview I did with JOWMA, which explains the treatment approach that I use in depth: Speak Up! A Discussion about Selective Mutism with Deetza Franklin. Listen on Spotify . Listen on Apple Podcasts . Watch on YouTube .
  • How can I contact you with any questions?
    Please e-mail for more information and to register. Let us know via e-mail if you'd like to arrange a time to speak to discuss your questions further.

T & N

Parents of 3.5 year old

“Our daughter is a vivacious talkative happy child at home but was stoic and anxious in school and other social situations. We are overjoyed to have found Deetza and been able to have her work with our daughter, her teachers, and us as parents to learn the skills and tools to enable the kid we know and love to share her gifts with her friends. As parents, it was the first time we felt seen and supported in this journey to help our daughter. Deetza is a real partner who is invested in our daughter’s success. Within months our daughter began talking in school and sharing her gifts with everyone there.” 

Parents of 7 year old girl

"Working with Deetza Franklin was a great experience for our daughter, who has SM. Ms. Franklin was able to work with her at her school, show us and the teachers effective ways to help facilitate speech for our daughter, as well as advise on appropriate drug therapy. As a result, our daughter went from not talking at all in school—or to many others outside of family—to making multiple friends in school and talking with teachers, her speech therapist, and other students in her class.  While . more progress needs to be made (she still doesn't talk to everyone as we'd like), we look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Franklin and highly recommend her for anyone dealing with an SM child."

Second Grade Teacher

"Mrs. Franklin frequently visited our school and educated teachers about the disorder. She discussed the myths about selective mutism and gave teachers tips on how to approach the student with the disorder.

Mrs. Franklin used praise and reinforcement.. to encourage the student to interact with other students and teachers.

She used the term 'practice brave talking' to help build confidence in the student with selective mutism.

Overall, the student in my class has made tremendous progress and is now speaking with all teachers and is comfortable speaking with some classmates. She is socializing in different situations. For example, she was reading a story she wrote to two friends in another class."

Parents of 4 year old girl

"We are so grateful to have found such a qualified and goal oriented therapist to work with our preschool-aged child. Initially, when we discovered that our child had selective mutism, we could not find a therapist who specialized in selective mutism, and we saw no progress during the entire year our child worked with another therapist.  Thankfully, we found out about Deetza, and we have seen tremendous progress during the months that she has been working with our child once a week. Our child has overcome the selective mutism and is now working only on improving the social anxiety aspect. Relatives who we hadn’t seen in a long time commented at how far our child has come.We have been so impressed with Deetza’s communication with us, our child’s teachers, and the school staff. When Deetza sends reports to us on our child’s progress, they are thorough and goal oriented on what the next thing to work on will be.  And as a bonus, our child loves when Deetza comes to school-it’s the highlight of the week."

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